Bargaining Units Approve 5% and 3% Agreements

Jackson’s nurses, attending physicians and healthcare professionals overwhelming approved two contract agreements that will, once approved by the County Commission, result in larger paychecks for all eligible members of the bargaining units.

One agreement will phase out the 5% contribution (3% retroactive to Jan. 1, 2% on Sept. 30).

The second would result in a one-time payment of 3% to eligible employees. The PHT has delayed a vote on the second agreement, but it will come back for consideration next month.

The County Commission will vote on the 5% agreement on Feb. 4. After they approve it, Jackson will begin adjusting paychecks in the next full pay period.

The 3% gain-sharing payment will come back to the PHT within the next few weeks. We will share details as more information becomes available.

In Solidarity,

Martha Baker, RN

President, SEIU Local 1991

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