Steward Stories — Nadine Bazan-Sanchez

nadinebzansanchezNadine Bazan-Sanchez, RN, has been a nurse at Jackson for 23 years, mostly in the NICU on the main campus.

Sanchez originally hails from New York, of Haitian and Jamaican extract. He father worked at Jackson as an interpreter and she entered nursing school there.

“I’ve always been a Jackson girl,” she says.

The mother of four got involved in the union because she was always someone the unit could count on to find out what was going on and pass on the knowledge to her coworkers.

About two years ago she became a steward because she saw the value in getting more involved.

She’s been active in working on safe staffing issues in the NICU and getting her coworkers to take action by filling out incident reports.

“A lot of people don’t know their rights,” she says. “Educating staff on what’s acceptable and getting them taking action is important. People feel like if they get the incident reports in with management, they are being heard.”


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