Apply Now to Convert from Part-Time to Full-Time

SEIU Local 1991 has been advocating that part-time employees who have been working a full-time schedule should be converted to full-time status. The good news is that we have finally won agreement from management to do that.

The bad news is the way management is choosing to do it.

Jackson management has decided to require part-time employees who wish to convert to full-time positions to apply for those positions as they are posted.

President Martha Baker, RN, had argued that all part-time employees who work full-time schedules should automatically be converted. That option would make the most sense for all concerned.

But as management has insisted on making employees go through the application process for these internal jobs, we want to make sure you know to start applying for positions as soon as they are posted.

Ask your managers if you don’t see anything posted yet.

If you want to convert to full time but there aren’t positions posted or you are denied a position after you apply, let us know.

Contact us at or speak to your rep.

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