Steward Stories – Jasmine Lalanne

jasminelalanneJasmine Lalanne, RN, BSN, has been a nurse for about fifteen years — twelve of them in the pediatric transplant unit at Holtz Children’s Hospital.

Lalanne has proven herself a leader as both nurse and as a steward.

She served as chairman of the unit practice council, spearheading a successful campaign to reduce central line infections.

“Being a nurse is an opportunity to serve,” Lalanne says. “To bring healing and health and a smile to a child’s face, I get joy in return.”
Lalanne got involved as a steward because she saw the value in joining together to make her workplace better. She is someone who always looks for opportunities to learn more, actively participating in Nurse Lobby Day, the Nurse Alliance and other forums.
“It’s a shared gain for everyone,” she says. “Once I learn it, I can share it with others and we all benefit. I collaborate with my peers. I bring that voice to speak for them.”
Lalanne believes it is the duty of a nurse to go beyond the bedside – “You can educate others and bring healing to the community.”
Haiti-born Lalanne practices what she believes. She volunteered her professional skills and personal time in Haiti with Project Medishare, assisting pediatric earthquake victims.
“I had a humble beginning, so I know what suffering is about,” she says.  “It gives me joy to alleviate that for others.”