End the Medicaid Blockade

medicaidgovsFive million people currently have access to life saving health care due to Medicaid Expansion. If you live in one of the purple states below, you are not one of them.

With lives on the line, enough is enough! Take action today.


Find your state on our Map Tool and tweet the GOP.


Other promotional tweets: Healthcare is a human right. Tweet the #GOP to stop the #MedicaidBlockade: http://seiu.me/stoptheblockade  #ACA  pic.twitter.com/cdFnpsh1CE

79,000 jobs to be added bc of #ACA. Why is #GOP STILL not on board? http://seiu.me/StoptheBlockade  #medicaidblockade pic.twitter.com/F1uklPbN0O
17,000 people are estimated to DIE this year bc of #medicaidblockade. Mad yet?? http://seiu.me/StoptheBlockade pic.twitter.com/F1uklPbN0O