Aug. 26 Primary Member Voter Guide

Absentee ballots will be hitting mailboxes this week for the August 26, 2014, Primary Election.

Early voting begins Aug. 11 in Miami-Dade and Aug. 15 in Broward.

We’ve put together a quick voting guide for our members on some of the candidates we support.

Miami Dade Voter Guide

Broward Voter Guide

Quick absentee ballot tips:

  • The Elections Department must receive your ballot no later than 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, August 26, 2014.
  • Ensure you sign the voter certificate on the outside of the absentee ballot envelope.
  • The signature on the envelope must match the signature the Elections Department has on record.  Voters are encouraged to update their signature by submitting a voter registration application, which can be printed from the Elections Department website or by calling the County’s 3-1-1 Answer Center. Be sure to check the “signature update” box.
  • Do not allow anyone to mark your ballot unless you are unable to do so because of blindness, disability or failure to read or write.
  • There is no reason to give your ballot to anyone other than someone you have specifically named as your designee with the Elections Department.
  • Return postage is paid for Miami-Dade County.   There is no need for someone to mail your ballot for you.