Featured Retiree – Marcia Blum

marciablumMarcia Blum, RN, fell in love with nursing in the fifth grade thanks to a book called Nurses Who Led the Way.

She started her career at Jackson in 1979, right out of nursing school and has been leading ever since. In 35 years at Jackson, Blum was known for always seeking to learn more and give the best patient care experience she could.

“As a girl, I always liked to take things apart and put them back together,” she recalls. “As a nurse, I was the same way. I always wanted to know how something worked.”

Blum rotated through the MICU and CSICU before finding her true passion – the OR.

“I went and watched open heart surgery and I loved all the excitement and the drama,” she says. “So I started training to work in the operating room, and stayed there for about 28 years.”

Blum was also passionate about making Jackson a better place to work, which is why she got involved in her local union. She was a member from the inception of Local 1991.

“I’ve always been a person that’s looked out for the little guy, fought for what was fair,” she explains. “I got absorbed into being involved with SEIU.”

Blum has played many roles in Local 1991, most recently as a valued member of the executive board. She says that getting a glimpse of the complicated reality of politics at the national, state and local levels was an eye-opener.

“I’m grateful for all the incredible opportunities that are available and the opportunity to grow as an individual,” she says. “You learn how to communicate, be part of the community, give back, help patients, help coworkers. Getting involved is really rewarding.”

As Blum enters retirement, she looks forward to spending time with family & friends and doing things like gardening, cooking, exercising and reading.

“I will take care of me for awhile,” she says. “But I will get back involved. It’s a ball you can’t drop.”