Historic Tentative Agreement Returns Steps, Offers Parity and Establishes Mandatory Staffing Ratios

bargteam3The contract hammered out over the last several weeks by the members of your Local 1991 bargaining team is one of the best we’ve ever had! This tentative agreement, which must still be ratified, is not only great for members – it’s making history.

We negotiated unprecedented mandated staffing ratios with real teeth that will finally begin to address long-standing staffing concerns across the system. We got steps turned back on and fixed issues of wage compression for hundreds of employees caught in the recession cut backs. We achieved parity for professionals on a number of issues, bringing their contract into alignment with the RN contract. It took a lot of hard work and testimony from many members at numerous sessions to get to this point. A ratification vote is scheduled for Nov. 6 and 7.

See the ratification schedule and read the contracts here. “I’m proud of our bargaining team for standing strong for patients and our professions,” said President Martha Baker, RN. “This is a contract that will be looked at by unions and employers across the country as model of progress.”

There is much to celebrate in this ground-breaking contract, including: bargteam5Pay

  • Salary steps turned back on with a new step schedule in which all steps are 4.2% apart
  • Salary adjustments for employees who have missed three steps or more or have waited more than 48 months for a longevity step
  • 2% one-time lump sum payment (on base salary) to be paid to all bargaining unit employees after ratification of this contract
  • Protection of 3-4 RN schedule
  • Improved and safer orientation, floating and cross-training procedures and requirements
  • $2 per hour float pay for RNs who float more than 50% of hours worked in a pay period
  • Increased charge pay to $2 and preceptor pay to $1.25
  • Physician assistants received salary parity with ARNPs
  • Midwives received additional step to achieve parity with ARNPs
  • Part time and per diem professionals become eligible for $125 uniform allowance
  • CHS  5% pay is back in the contract for professionals
  • Employees will be granted paid time without a patient assignment to complete mandatories
  • Holiday Administrative Leave day (AD) is restored
  • 3 E-days restored for RNs
  • Education bonus of $1040 for professionals who earn an advanced degree that is not required for their job
  • Partial PL days will count toward calculation of overtime
  • If full time employees move to part time and back to full time, they do not have to restart accumulation of time to earn longevity bonus
  • Increased evening, night and weekend shift differentials for professionals (parity with RNs)
  • Reopener for COLA for 2016-2017

Safe Staffing and Quality Care

  • Nurse staffing ratios IN THE CONTRACT (grievable and arbitable)
  • Labor-Management partnership giving the union a seat at the table in decisions about how to most effectively deliver high quality health care at Jackson
  • Continuation of guarantee not to contract out ER services at main nor ER employees at any JHS location
  • Improvements to the discipline process
  • Professional per diems become part of the bargaining unit

Health Insurance

  • New Jackson First health insurance option with lower dependent premiums and no co-pays or deductibles
  • Select HMO and Jackson First options still free for employees; POS and HMO High premiums are $75 and $50 respectively
  • Sacrificed flex dollars in exchange for professional parity and nurse staffing ratios