President Proposes Investments in America’s Working Families

WASHINGTON—Following the Jan. 20 State of the Union address by President Obama, SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement:

“Tonight we heard from a president who won’t back down when it comes to standing up for America’s working women and men. President Obama made a powerful case for an America that provides the support that all working families need and that keeps immigrant families together.

“Across the country, too many families work hard and still struggle to make ends meet. The president laid out key investments that will improve the lives of America’s working families.

“Raising wages will enable Americans to provide for their families and to spend more to get our economy moving.

“To thrive, working people need a fair wage, access to affordable healthcare and child care, fair scheduling so they can plan for their day-to-day family life, and the ability to earn paid leave in the event of illness. Families should have a fair shot to build a successful future through free community college, student debt relief, and investments in pre-K, primary and secondary education.

“And we echo the president’s sentiment: if you really want to make gains at your workplace, the way to do it is to join together and fight for it. If we truly want an America where families and our economy thrive, we must invest in our families and work to make them stronger.

“It’s time for the Republican leadership in Congress to put people ahead of politics by supporting these much-needed investments in America’s families, instead of focusing their time on driving families apart.”

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