Labor and Management Partnership to Improve Staffing Ratios

The Quality Nursing and Career Development Committee launched its first meeting Feb. 20 to begin improving staffing ratios throughout the system.

Local 1991 negotiated new nurse-to-patient staffing ratios in the 2014-2017 contract.

The timing couldn’t be better. Patient volumes are up in many areas, which is good news, but also means more short-term staffing challenges.

The QNCD Committee, comprised of Local 1991 members and JHS management,  will meet on a regular basis to discuss, prioritize and monitor the process of implementing the new ratios unit by unit.

The contract calls for the new ratios to be  in place in at least 50% of units by April 1, 2015, and in all by Oct. 1, 2015. Click here for more information.

The QNCD Committee represents a true partnership between front-line employees and management and is a huge victory for us, our patients, and better quality care at JHS.

Meanwhile, Local 1991members have been steadily working with management at all levels to improve the number of posted positions. Posts are up by 20%, with priorities in the ICUs, ORs and ERs.

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