Lobby Day Prep

 COPE ambassador logoLobbying, Politics, and You!

These are the instructions for the work you will need to complete before attending Lobby Day in Tallahassee. The work consists of a brief review of how to lobby effectively for our issues and a short survey designed to get you more familiar with your elected representatives. The work must be completed prior to April 15 and is a requirement for receiving CEU credits for those eligible. At the moment, the credit is available to nurses only, but we are looking into options for professionals. Everyone should review the information to prepare for the trip. 

The complete module is available in the JEN system at JHS. That is the preferred method. If you can’t access JEN, you can review the information here. The legislator survey is here.


  1. Go to Application Directory
  2. Click on/open JEN
  3. Click on the Binoculars where it says search
  4. Under Search Text TYPE the word Lobbying
  5. Click again on the Search button
  6. Under View in the blue text, click ENROLL
  7. On top of the page in the dark blue bar, click ENROLL in the far upper right hand corner
  8. Now look under your MY COURSES and find “Lobbying, Politics, and You” Pre-course Requirements 2015 and CLICK LAUNCH
  9. Begin taking your module
  10. Complete the Post Test upon completion of the review of the Lobbying material
  11. Click on your homework assignment and go to the SEIU1991 webpage to complete your homework on your elected legislators from the district you live in. If the module does not open, click here and fill out the online survey on your your House and Senate elected Officials. Also print the information and bring it to Tallahassee to share with your group.
  12. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Keith Buehner RN @ 786-223-4440 or your Ambassador who has contacted you for this exciting trip on which you are about to embark!
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