Fight for $15 – April 15 Events

FF15 Worldcenter SD Fly 4 15 ENG  SPAN (2)_Page_1National Day of Action: join the Fight for $15 on 4/15. On April 15, working people, students, faith organizations, union members, and others in communities across the country will stand together for a national day of action to call for higher wages, union rights, and better jobs.

Just over two years ago, hundreds of people who work in fast food restaurants in New York City went on strike. They called for a $15/hour wage floor and the right to form a union. Since that first walkout, thousands of fast food cooks and cashiers in nearly 200 cities from coast to coast have joined the Fight for $15 movement. Today, the movement has grown to include workers across industries including fast food workers, home care workers, child care workers, airport workers, adjunct professors and Walmart workers.

Miami is joining the Fight for $15 to demand living wages for ALL workers: fast food cooks, home care and airport workers and cashiers. Locally, we are demanding living wages and local hiring from those who seek out taxpayer money for their development projects. If rich developers are taking taxpayer money but not providing living wage jobs, they are just hurting the community. Taxpayers and workers in South Florida no longer want their money to be used on projects that pay a single worker below $15 an hour!

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