SEIU 2015 in Review

Nov10_action1SEIU represents roughly two million workers across America. Times are tough for unions in general, but active members made the difference in 2015 in state after state.

2015 was a remarkable year when our movement made great progress on our journey to a just society, where all work is valued, and all people respected.

With your help, we have reached a milestone on our journey: $15 an hour has gone from a slogan to a benchmark.

The Wage Board in New York set a $15 minimum wage for fast-food employees all across the state. That will free up a billion dollars that can now be invested in the good jobs that New York needs.

  • We won $15 in Los Angeles—both the city and the county.
  • Home care providers won $15 in Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington.
  • Healthcare professionals won $15 at Swedish Medical Center in Washington.
  • Airport staff secured their $15 victory at Sea-Tac.
  • Nursing home employees in Connecticut and Massachusetts won $15.

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