Help Protect Our Care

ProtectOurCare_Slide1If President Trump and his allies in Congress repeal the Affordable Care Act, more than 2.2 million Floridians would lose their health coverage.
The good news? All the phones calls, letters and in-person visits we’ve been making are having an effect!
Folks across Florida, even in areas that voted for Trump, are asking their elected officials to fix Obamacare, not kill it.
With Republicans (even Trump) now beginning to realize that creating a viable replacement plan will be challenging, we must keep up the pressure.
Here are three quick ways you can help:
  1. Sign this letter to Florida’s congressional delegation today. Tell them that Floridians deserve and rely on the many benefits of the ACA.
  2. Call congress every day at 866-426-2631 to ask your member of Congress, what’s your plan to lower healthcare costs and make improvements to the ACA?
  3. Share on social media! Find SEIU 1991 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use your voice to spread the word.
Have a healthcare story to share or know someone who does? Contact us to find out how. Email