Keep Miami-Dade a Welcoming County

A group of immigration activists have been on a hunger strike since Monday. Local 1991 member Shelley Pagan-Jones, RN, stopped by to check their vitals to make sure they stay healthy during their vigil.

Last month, Miami-Dade County became the first place in the country to abandon its “sanctuary city” policy in response to an executive order issued by Donald Trump.

Mayor Carlos Giménez unilaterally ordered county officials to comply with “detainer requests” requiring local law enforcement to jail suspects without warrant until they can be picked up by federal immigration police.

In a majority immigrant community like Miami, this is an outrage and many think the Mayor overstepped his authority without consulting the Commission first.

Chairman Esteban Bovo has called a special meeting at 10 a.m. this Friday to discuss Mayor Gimenez’s order to reverse the commission’s 2013 policy that protects undocumented immigrants from federal detainers.
If you are able, come down to support the activists, families and faith leaders speaking out at the meeting.
If you can’t make it, please call Commissioners and let them know we want Miami-Dade to be a welcoming county. We are a proud immigrant community and we need our local elected officials to stand with us, not Trump.


District 1: Barbara Jordan
Downtown Office: 305-375-5694
District Office: 305-474-3011

District 2: Jean Monestime
Downtown Office: 305-375-4833
District Office: 305-694-2779

District 3: Audrey Edmonson
Downtown Office: 305-375-5393
District Office: 305-636-2331

District 4: Sally Heyman
Downtown Office: 305-375-5128
District Office: 305-787-5999

District 5: Bruno Barreiro
Main Office: 305-643-8525
District Office: 305-673-7743

District 6: Rebeca Sosa
Downtown Office: 305-375-5696
District Office: 305-267-6377

District 7: Xavier Suarez
South Miami District Office: 305-669-4003
Coconut Grove Office: 305-694-3550

District 8: Daniella Cava
Downtown Office: 305-375-5218
District Office: 305-378-6677

District 9: Dennis Moss
Downtown Office: 305-375-4832
District Office: 305-234-4938
Florida City Office: 305-245-4420

District 10: Javier Souto
Downtown Office: 305-375-4835
District Office: 305-222-2116

District 11: Joe Martinez
Downtown Office
305-375-5511 Phone

District 12: Jose “Pepe” Diaz
Downtown Office: 305-375-4343
District Office: 305-599-1200

District 13: Esteban Bovo Jr.
Downtown Office: 305-375-4831
District Office: 305-820-8424

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