Physicians Tentative Contract Agreement

The Physicians Bargaining Team and JHS Management have reached a tentative contract agreement!  It’s a good deal that calls for a 3% adjustment to base increase every year over the next three years.  It also includes a COLA or Cost of Living Adjustment reopener in 2020—the same year RN’s will have a reopener in their contract which could bolster our collective strength as a union to try to win even higher raises in 2020.

SEIU Local 1991 Physicians Bargaining Team and JHS Management
SEIU Local 1991 Physicians Bargaining Team and JHS Management

The contract proposal for physicians is essentially the same as the one nurses and other healthcare professionals tentatively agreed to last week.  It includes a new Wellness Program that offers employees financial incentives to encourage healthy habits.  “It offers you points if you run in a race, get a flu shot or see your PCP,” said Mark Knight, CFO of Jackson Health System.

All four insurance plans will remain in place next year then the HMO High/Standard plan will be phased out.  Jackson First health plan will have no premium increases throughout the duration of the contract but the other plans will go up 5% in January 2019 and 2020 respectively.   There are also changes to PL cash outs and timelines and the Holiday AD will be eliminated.

Throughout the negotiations, the Physicians Bargaining Team lived up to their mission to remain unified and strong.  “As a union leader, I believe we should stand shoulder to shoulder with other union members,” said Dr. David Woolsey, JHS ER physician.   “It’s all for one and one and for all.”

This is a tentative deal.  Nothing is official until members vote on it.  Ratification dates will be determined soon.

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