Local 1991 Shares Best Practices at SEIU’s International Executive Board Reception

SEIU’s International Executive Board met in Miami to review strategic plans to build a wider movement and stronger union in the 21st century.  The week-long conference included a host of committee meetings that examined a wide range of issues including racial, immigrant and environmental justice.  Local unions, including SEIU Local 1991, also had the chance to showcase their work at a reception at the Hyatt in downtown Miami.  SEIU Local 1991 President and RN Martha Baker, Dr. Dave Woolsey and other Board Members led a presentation about SEIU’s Together We Rise principles and how SEIU Local 1991 has achieved success implementing them in a Right to Work state.

IEB Presentation, SEIU reception, 1-18-17.jpg, 1

IEB Presentation, SEIU reception, 1-18-17

The reception included presentations on a host of other TWR principles and goals.  SEIU Local 1991 Treasurer Magalie Pena Vancol, a Social Worker at JHS, shared her experiences and goals in the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour in Florida and other states.  She also discussed her political activism and the work she has done as a Member Political Organizer.  Other Florida union locals gave presentations about organizing, community work and state and local political strategies.

IEB FF$15 Presentation, Maggie, 1-18-18

IEB Martha speaks, 1-18-18

Elected officials also attended the event.  Among them, Miami-Dade Commissioners Daniella Levine-Cava and Jean Monestime.



Mary Kay Henry, Martha and Board at SEIU IEB Reception, 1-17-18