QNCD 2-1-18 Meeting

QNCD Committee members gave updates about staffing at JHS hospitals.  They reported that staffing is trending in the right direction at Jackson North.  However, there are staffing challenges at Jackson South due to several issues.  Among them, an increase in the census as well as maternity leaves and call-ins.  Jackson Main is also working to address staffing issues.  The goal is to hire ten more RN’s soon and drill down more on staffing of each unit at monthly meetings.

The committee also discussed the utilization of PL (personal leave) time to ensure it meets the needs of employees and management.  One concern raised was that some PL requests are not denied or approved, they’re left eternally on hold.  The new contract includes language that commits to monitoring denials of PL time.  Management plans to explore the possibility of monitoring all PL requests.

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