Victory for Case Managers, RN!

This morning SEIU 1991 President Martha Baker, RN and Executive Board Member and RN Case Manager Angela Freshley-Fairchild, RN met with Charkes Nesbitt and Labor Relations to impact bargain JHS’s unilateral decision to create positions titled Case Manager, RN 1 and Case Manager, RN 2. Angela Freshley-Fairchild has worked hard to ensure that this important issue remained on the “front burner” for as long as it took to resolve.  After several months of informal discussions, JHS agreed today to collapse the Case Manager, RN 1 and Case Manager, RN 2 positions into a single position called Case Manager, RN.

This is an important victory for the members who currently work as Case Manager, RN 1’s.  Under this change, Case Manager, 1’s will immediate move onto the Case Manager 2 step schedule.  If the Case Manager 1 is below step 1 on the Case Manager 2 scale, she will immediately move to step 1.  All others will move to their current hourly rate on the Case Manager 2 scale.  Employees will get “time served” credit which means if they have served enough time on the new scale, they will receive a step increase immediately (for example someone going from a 48-month step to a 24-month step who has waited more than 24 months).  This change will mean an earlier step increase for nearly all the Case Manager, RN 1’s.  Thanks to the persistence of Angela Freshley-Fairchild, the union was able to secure this important victory and ensure that all Case Management employees are paid fairly for doing the same work!

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