Standing up for justice

The senseless killing of George Floyd one week ago today — only the latest death in a long and shameful line of deaths of innocent Black people — has enraged the nation, and finally made it impossible for many to ignore the harsh realities of racism and violence in America.


The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others also occurred against the backdrop of a public health crisis that is disproportionately impacting and killing communities of color.


Every person in our country deserves to live a full life, free from fear and from violence. But that is not the country we live in now — and much work must be done to move us closer to dignity and justice for all.


SEIU 1991 stands with SEIU international and with all our brothers and sisters in chapters across the nation in the fight for racial justice and equity. 


As our president Mary Kay Henry said, “Awareness is not enough — it must lead to action.” I hope that our country is nearing a turning point. We will continue to use our collective voices to speak out against violence inflicted upon Black people and communities of color.


Do you have suggestions about ways SEIU 1991 can be involved in this fight? Please share them with us here