Juneteenth: Now a Federal Holiday and Time to Celebrate


This year, Miami-Dade County officially recognized Juneteenth as a county-wide holiday. That in and of itself was a huge milestone. But, on June 17 we were overjoyed that this Congress and President Joe Biden made Juneteenth a federal holiday. Juneteenth is not just about celebrating the official end to slavery in our nation, but also a somber reminder that we must learn from history so it can better guide our future. It’s a time to reflect and support our African American friends and members. It’s a time to celebrate by their side and learn how we can move forward together. No matter your race, we should all be celebrating this new federal holiday. It’s a day that I will be celebrating and I hope you will join me. For a list of events happening around Miami-Dade on Saturday visit the link below.

Juneteenth Events in South Florida

In Unity,
Martha Baker

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