March On For Voting Rights

On Saturday, August 28, join us for March On for Voting Rights as we embark on a historic Rally “March On for Voting Rights” in Miami, to demand that legislatures across the country end their push for restrictive voting laws and that Congress pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Restoration Act, which will ensure free, fair access to the ballot for every American voter.

This is part of a mass nationwide mobilization to demand that elected officials stop hijacking democracy, denounce voter suppression, and ensure fair, easy access to the vote for all. In addition to Palm Beach County, marches will also be held in Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Washington DC, and other Florida cities such as Palm Beach and Orlando where voting rights are under attack.

March On, the Drum Major Institute, SEIU, National Action Network, Future Coalition, and a network of partners will march on cities across America to mark the 58th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic March on Washington and demand that his vision be deferred no longer. We invite all Americans who believe in the power of democracy and free elections to join us.

Join us!  We showed up in 2020. Now they’re trying to make it harder to vote. We demand federal voting rights legislation now. That’s why we’re marching on August 28 at the March On for Voting Rights Rally.  Sign up now at

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