Election of SEIU 1991 Officers and Executive Board


Thank you for participating in the SEIU 1991 Local Election, the results for the SEIU 1991 Presidential Election are in! Candidates Leo T. Harris III, PA and Barbara “VIcki” Gonzalez, RN joined the SEIU 1991 members, staff and Election Committee today as votes were reviewed and counted. With a 73% to 27% final tally, Barbara “Vicki” Gonzalez, RN has been declared as President-elect.

Congratulations to the incoming SEIU Local 1991 Officers and Executive Board!

Barbara “VIcki” Gonzalez, RN

Grace Meatley, RN

Magalie Pena Vancol, BSW

Lisa Bush, RN

Wanda Bitters, RN
Marie Calderon, RN Labor
Carlos Caruncho, Med-Tech
Marie Eloi, Med-Tech
Jeffrey Fort, MS
Shelley Pagan-Jones, RN
Jennifer Joseph, PT
Maria Tinsly, RN
Kelvin Trocard, RPh
Laletrice “Lisa” Ward, RN
Edwin Vides, RN


Be sure to keep an eye out this week as mail ballots for the SEIU Local Election have now been mailed to your home. Your SEIU 1991 voter packet includes the voter instructions sheet (to be followed closely), a return envelope, and your SEIU 1991 ballot along with the secret ballot envelope. Ballots must be mailed and received to the Election Committee post office box no later than 9:30 am on December 3, 2021 in order to be counted. Please note that in accordance with the SEIU bylaws and regulations, ballots must be mailed in and will not be accepted by hand or via in-person submission. Any questions regarding the election or the balloting procedures may be directed to members of the Election Committee via email to union@seiu1991.org or to the Local 1991 office at (305) 620-6555.

2021 SEIU Election Committee
Joseph Flahie, RN Chair
Keila Oquendo, Dietitian
Mercedes Yero-Aguayo, RN

Candidate Statements for Presidency
Barbara “Vicki” Gonzalez, RN
Leo T. Harris III, PA


This October, nominations for the new SEIU Local 1991 Officers and Executive Board were shared and reviewed in accordance with the Election Committee regulations and bylaws. Stay tuned as mail ballot distribution for the 2021 Election begins Monday, November 8th. Read the below statement for further updates.
2021 SEIU Election Committee:
Joseph Flahie, Chair
Keila Oquendo
Mercedes Yero-Aguayo

The following SEIU 1991 members in good standing were nominated in accordance with our bylaws and met all qualifications of nomination.  They are unopposed in the 2021 elections and are therefore elected by acclamation:

Grace Meatley, RN – Vice President

Lisa Bush, RN – Treasurer

Magalie Pena, BSW – Secretary

Daniel Acevedo, RN – Trustee

Angela Freshly-Fairchild, RN – Trustee

David Woolsey, MD – Trustee

Wanda Bitters, RN – Delegate

Carlos Caruncho, Med Tech – Delegate

Marie Eloi, Med Tech – Delegate

Jeffrey Fort, MS IT – Delegate

Jennifer Joseph, Physical Therapist – Delegate

Shelley Pagan-Jones, RN – Delegate

Maria Calderon, RN – Delegate

Maria Tinsly, RN – Delegate

Kelvin Trocard, RPh – Delegate

Edwin Vides, RN – Delegate

Laletrice “Lisa” Ward, RN – Delegate

There remains one contested race for the office of the President.  The candidates are
Barbara “Vicki” Gonzalez, RN and Leo T. Harris III, PA.

You will be receiving a ballot via USPS to vote for the office of President in this election.  Be on the look out for this important document.

Joseph Flahie
Election Committee Chair

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