All Social Workers and CMH Counselors win pay raises up to 25.2%

As Jackson Health System onboards more Social Workers to meet patient needs, market adjustments are pushing wages upward. SEIU Local 1991 has negotiated significant step increases and pay raises for the following job classifications:

Social Worker, BSW
 16.8% pay increase  

Clinical Social Worker, MSW & Clinical Social Worker Transplant
12.6% pay increase

LCSW & Jail Diversion Corrections Specialist
16.8% pay increase

Social Worker Supervisors
12.6 % pay increase

CMH Counselor 2
Reclassified to Mental Health Intake Specialist; 25.2% pay increase

CMH Counselor 3, CMH Counselor 4, LHSC, and LMHC
See attached MOU and pay scale

All of the above-mentioned job classes will have 13 steps and a 4.2 percent pay variance between steps. Those who transition job classes will maintain their current step.

See the attached MOU and pay scale below for more information. Pay raises go into effect on Sunday, May 29, 2022. 

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