Management Acknowledges Healthcare Market on Fire —Agrees to Deliver COLA Early!

The 3% COLA raises originally scheduled to take place April 1st are now set for January 1st as management recognizes the retention crisis.

This is a major victory for all of us in a recognition of our dedication and skills.

Beyond this COLA announcement, discussions at the table centered around the critical recruitment and retention challenges at Jackson. Healthcare wages and benefits at Jackson must meet and exceed the market. 

Your Bargaining Team’s proposals today included:

1- Increased protection and benefits for all Per Diem employees

2- Improved promotion / demotion language

3- Expanded Healthcare Coverage to include part-time employees (working 23 or more hours/ week)

Other discussions involved enhancing the current staffing ratios. 

At each of our sessions your bargaining team will be showcasing the challenges of our different classes. Today, the Nuclear Medicine Technologist team led by Damien Hernandez from Jackson South presented and addressed the pay deficiencies in their job class. Per Diem Nuclear Med Tech William Ruiz, highlighted other key issues including the compounding effect of short staffing due to competitive wages and a steady decline in those entering the field. 

We look forward to managements responses to our proposals at the next bargaining session scheduled for Thursday, November 17th at 2:30 p.m. Social workers/Case managers, PT/OT/SLP, and CRNAs are set to present next.

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