President Biden Visits Miami Urging Us To Vote!

President Biden made his way to Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens yesterday to greet thousands of supporters and activists from the community and emphasized the significance of the midterm elections in Florida, especially for working American’s. Our very own Donnalyn Allen, RN, as well as Carlos Caruncho, MT, met with President Biden on behalf of all of the nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals of SEIU 1991.

While working against many global challenges, the Biden agenda has accomplished so much, from overdelivering on his promise of 100 million vaccine shots in his first 100 days in office, to lowering the cost of prescription drugs by placing a first of its kind oversight on pharmaceutical companies through the Inflation Reduction Act, to expanding Medicaid for covid patients, leading to urgently needed financial support including right here at Jackson. Within the last year, Biden has passed an Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act aimed to expand infrastructure spending in order to create more jobs and expand labor protections.

This election that ends next Tuesday, November 8th, is one of the most important of our lifetime. Many issues are on the ballot. These include a woman’s right to choose, fair and equal voting rights for all eligible voters, real solutions to climate change, tackling the rising cost of housing and homeowners insurance, and respecting the right of workers to unionize. 

The gubernatorial candidates are clear. Charlie Crist has stood with us on these issues. Ron DeSantis stands against us and actually builds his campaign by dividing our communities and overstepping his reach on public education and in local government arenas.

DeSantis associates keeping Florida open throughout the pandemic with a thriving and bustling economy, yet there were consequences to this decision. Florida is one of three states in the nation leading for most covid related deaths since the onset of the pandemic. Far too many of Florida’s families are grieving the loss of their loved ones as a result. As frontline healthcare workers we felt the brunt of DeSantis’ choice then and we continue to suffer the consequences now.

Everyone should vote. Please see our bi-partisan palm card and consider our SEIU endorsements. When working people vote we win!

Pictured: SEIU 1991’s Carlos Caruncho, MT, and Donnalyn Allen, RN, joined by fellow SEIU local members, Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, Lieutenant Governor Candidate Karla Hernandez-Mats, and Representative Val Demings.

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