Management said “No No No!”

Bargaining yesterday (2/1/23) was not very productive. While there was some progress on a small issue regarding demotion language, we either got a “no”, or no response on too many critical issues.

Management did not even address our safe staffing proposal. Management rejected our proposal on call-in and cancellation pay for RNs and PROS, as well as per diem RNs and PROS pay rates.

They seemingly want to skip through many difficult issues like safe staffing and necessary market adjustments. Management is pushing back against just cause for per diem RNs and PROSand believe they don’t deserve the same rights as full-time and part-time JHS employees. The bargaining team will continue to fight hard for per diems to have equal rights to all other JHS employees. 

Safety, staffing, recruitment and retention, and all of our employees being treated fairly should be addressed first. The team is fighting hard for these important issues. Let’s see if management will address the issues currently on the table at the next session. 

The bargaining team intends to take the lead on the economic front during the next session and put market adjustment proposals on the table based upon the great presentations by our members.

The next negotiations are scheduled for Wednesday, February 15th from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Join us in person and give management the opportunity to see each dedicated employee that they’ve said “NO, NO, NO” to! 

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