Recommitment Success! Thank You SEIU 1991 – Less Than Halfway To Go!

We launched a new member portal and began sign up to electronic membership cards on Monday, May 8th, 2023! 

It has NOT YET been one month since we have asked each of the OVER 6,400 nurses, healthcare professionals, and attending physicians to recommit to SEIU 1991 in order to protect 35 years of union contracts and benefits built before us. By recommitting, we will continue to collectively bargain and have the opportunity to better our lives and working conditions today and protect ourselves and our families futures.

If you have not yet had a moment to sign up and to read FAQ’S, click here.

To the 60% of our members who have already completed this recommitment process, we thank you for helping us surpass our projected goal.

Our goal of reaching 100% recommitment by July 1st is fast approaching with 28 days left! We believe reaching this goal is possible based on the amazing progress we have made so far. 

We ask that all of us who have completed the sign up process take the time to reach out to co-workers we know of that have not yet signed up. We are proving to ourselves with each day that passes, when we unite with purpose we win!

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