SEIU Local 1991 Statement on Trayvon Martin Case

As mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers, the members of SEIU Local 1991 shared the horror of the nation over the death of Trayvon Martin. As part of the county workforce to which Trayvon Martin’s family belongs, we stood in solidarity with them in seeking justice for their son. Our pain was amplified when theContinue reading “SEIU Local 1991 Statement on Trayvon Martin Case”

SEIU Florida Calls Out Cynical House Healthcare Expansion Proposal

Press Statement: April 11, 2013 Contact: Rebecca Wakefield SEIU Florida denounces an increasingly absurd attempt by House Republican leadership to avoid accepting billions of dollars of federal money for healthcare expansion while professing concern for the health of low-income families. State Rep. Richard Corcoran’s bill, dubbed Florida Health Choices Plus, echoes the cynical andContinue reading “SEIU Florida Calls Out Cynical House Healthcare Expansion Proposal”

SEIU Florida Outraged at Florida Legislature’s Inaction on Medicaid Expansion

Press Statement: April 9, 2013 Contact: Rebecca Wakefield With three weeks to go before the end of the regular legislative session, both the Florida House and the Senate leadership have opted not to move discussion of Medicaid expansion. If the inaction continues, Florida risks losing $51 billion in tax dollars from the federal governmentContinue reading “SEIU Florida Outraged at Florida Legislature’s Inaction on Medicaid Expansion”

Joint Statement in Support of Ryder Trauma Center

SEIU Local 1991 president Martha Baker, RN, and JHS president and CEO Carlos Migoya issued a joint statement in support of Ryder Trauma Center. “Protecting the public’s investment by preserving our legal rights to expand Ryder’s trauma system in an era of competition is the right thing to do.”

Don’t privatize Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center — Read the Miami Herald Letter to the Editor!

The Sept. 16 editorial, Another Jackson ‘emergency,’ supporting the Jackson Financial Recovery Board’s pursuit of privatization misses the points made at the public hearing by community activists and former and current legislators about the unique and highly specialized services at the Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center. In fact, the editorial completely ignored the existence of the Rape Treatment Center.

The Miami Herald: Jackson Health System chairman decries political pressure

Marcos Lapciuc, chairman of the Jackson Health System board, on Monday blasted those who are trying to stop management’s exploratory process to see if it makes sense to outsource physician services in emergency rooms. At the board’s monthly meeting, Lapciuc said ER patients often have six hour waits — and it makes sense for executives to look for alternatives.