An Exciting New Proposal to Turnaround Jackson

Martha Baker, RN

Dear Members:

I am excited to announce that an innovative and achievable new proposal to turnaround Jackson and finally address our public hospital’s ongoing financial woes has been presented to the Public Health Trust and Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners.

The Sibery Group, who has spent nearly a year working alongside Jackson’s medical staff, patients and administration in a project funded by SEIU members, has developed a comprehensive, 30-month plan to address Jackson’s operational troubles while keeping its mission as a public teaching hospital intact.

The Sibery Group has outlined six solutions for fixing Jackson including:

• Converting to primary care and outpatient services to treat patients in the lowest possible cost setting.
• Building revenue and volumes through the adoption of a patient centered delivery model that makes Jackson appealing to all potential patients.
• Using the Jackson Health Plan as a strategic asset to grow patient volumes.
• Reducing operating expenses through length of stay reductions, treating patients in the lowest cost setting, providing preventative and primary care services, increasing automation and improved information technology solutions, and enhancing patient flow through efforts.
• Assessing the current financial and operational agreement with the University of Miami to ensure that it meets its objectives, provides for timely care to all Jackson patients, and is equitable to both parties.
• Using public/private partnerships to provide capital to accelerate the strategic plan.

To read The Sibery Group’s entire proposal, click here.

This is an exciting development in our Save Jackson campaign. As conversations continue about the future of Jackson as a public hospital, TSG has come to the table with real and feasible solutions for getting Jackson back on track. There is no time to waste. We urge Jackson’s decision makers to act swiftly and decisively to bring in TSG to work on fixing Jackson before it’s too late.

In Unity,

Martha Baker, RN

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