Victory for Local 1991 Member Stephanie Mair!

SEIU 1991 is thrilled to announce that Stephanie Mair, RN, has been reinstated to her job at Jackson Memorial’s Mother/Baby unit with back pay and benefits after the union intervened on her behalf.

Stephanie, a four-year Jackson employee was unjustly fired from her job days after she gave birth to her son, Emmanuel. She went out on an approved medical leave in July 2008.

During her leave, Trummel Valdera, Jackson’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources, changed the hospital’s policy by reducing the maximum employee leave time from one year to six months, which contradicts SEIU/JHS contract language. The new mom received her official termination letter just a few days after she gave birth at Jackson’s Women’s Center, the same floor where she

worked. This decision to fire Stephanie was made by Valdera despite previous leave approval given by Stephanie’s supervisors and contract language (Article 13, Section 4) which supersedes the new policy. The contract states that “permanent employees, with the approval of their department head, may be granted a leave of absence without pay for a period not to exceed one year for sickness or disability…”

Outraged SEIU Local 1991 members were prepared to rally outside of The Alamo building in support of Stephanie. But two days before the rally, SEIU 1991

President Martha Baker, RN, reached a settlement agreement with JHS president and CEO Eneida Roldan, MD, rescinding Stephanie’s termination.

Stephanie was ecstatic with the news of her reinstatement and has expressed overwhelming gratitude for SEIU Local 1991 members, whose support and unity sustained her through a difficult time.

“The things that the union has done for me, words can’t begin to explain,” she said. “I’m very grateful. I had so many union members giving me support. I’ll continue to encourage new employees to join the union and now I have a personal story to add. I support SEIU Local 1991 100 percent.”