A Jackson Patient Tells Her Story…

When Delores Willis’ daughter became ill, she brought her little girl to the emergency room at Holtz Children’s Hospital. Delores was so impressed with the care that her child received, she wrote a letter to The Miami Herald.

In support of Martha Baker’s May 5 Other Views column, Solutions from the inside, I have to tell my story. On May 3, I took my daughter to the Holtz Children’s emergency room. She complained of dizziness, blurred vision and throat pain. I’d never been to the Jackson Memorial complex before and went there because I don’t have health insurance.

My daughter received some of the best care I have ever experienced — even from private doctors when I had insurance. From the reception desk to the technicians to the nurse and, finally, the doctors, we were treated like the only patients in the hospital. The level of professionalism and caring was unsurpassed. We were not rushed, hustled around or talked down to.

The physician, a Dr. Silverman, listened to what we had to say and wrote it down to avoid confusion and errors. She then presented our case to her attending doctor who came in and did his own thorough exam. Nothing was left to chance. I am grateful that there was nothing seriously wrong, and my daughter was discharged. Even the discharge process was done exceptionally well. The nurse took the time to explain the at home-care procedure.

Unfortunately, I had to take my daughter back the next day because her symptoms got worse. Again, the level of care and the focus on my daughter’s health were exceptional. For a second time, nothing was left to chance.

This time we saw a Dr. Steiner, who was the best. He also presented to his attending physician, who performed an more in-depth exam. We were made to feel like family and that my daughter’s health was paramount. I know that should be the process without exception, but quality healthcare is now the exception many times, instead of the rule. When you don’t have insurance, there are times when you are dismissed and treated poorly. For these reasons alone, our community cannot afford to lose this valuable resource. Nor can we afford to marginalize the value of the dedicated employees by limiting or eliminating their right to belong to a union. We all expect to be protected in our pursuit of our livelihoods.

-Delores Willis, Miami

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