Omnicell Efficiency Team Update

The work of the Omnicell Efficiency Team is saving Jackson hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The Omnicell Inventory Control and Reorganization Project is a unit-by-unit effort where members are readjusting the amount of supplies in the Omnicells with the amount of items actually used. Tasks include comparing Omnicell usage with supply levels, returning excess items, labeling and organizing products, aligning control numbers with items/products, repairing broken buttons and educating users.

Members currently working on the project include: Roberto Blanco, RN, Omayra Hernandez, RN, Ingrid Francis, RN, Maria Sanchez, RN, and Miguel Hoyos, RN, and Barbara Scollon, RN.

The project was launched by the Joint Labor/Management Efficiency Task Force, a collaborative group initiated by our union to help save Jackson from its financial crisis.

A recent MICU study found that by improving efficiencies and billing practices, cycle count losses were reduced by more than $100,000 over a four-month period and the amount of reduced inventory resulted in about $12,000 in savings for just MICU.

Omnicells were introduced to JHS to help manage inventory and to improve billing of supplies. Currently, JMH and Jackson South are the main users of Omnicells.

In addition to having supplies in the Omnicell, hospitals are required to have a 96-hour supply of items on hand via in-house stores. Omnicell supply levels, known as “par levels” are established for each item, so supplies can be restocked on a regular basis.

Units completed to date include: MICU, WW5, WW6, WW8, CCU, PICU, East Tower 6PRU and East Tower 6 PTSU. Current projects include Mental Health and JHS Operating Rooms.

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