Savings Found Through Pharmacy Efficiencies

For the past few weeks, Local 1991 Executive Board member Vanessa Miller, RPh, has been tackling another cost-saving initiative at Jackson: Pharmacy Efficiencies. Miller has been traveling floor-by-floor, specifically checking IV preparation solutions stocked at Jackson Main to see how many solutions are going unused and being wasted. Most IV preparation solutions have a 24-hourContinue reading “Savings Found Through Pharmacy Efficiencies”

Evidence-Based Practice Screening for Coagulation Testing Could Save Jackson Money

Local 1991 Trustee Dr. David Woolsey has been working on an efficiency project that involves implementing an evidence-based screening tool for ordering coagulation testing that would improve quality care while saving Jackson hundreds of thousands of dollars! Coagulation testing is often part of routine preoperative or pre-procedure testing, but evidence-based studies have found that labContinue reading “Evidence-Based Practice Screening for Coagulation Testing Could Save Jackson Money”

Omnicell Efficiency Team Update

The work of the Omnicell Efficiency Team is saving Jackson hundreds of thousands of dollars! The Omnicell Inventory Control and Reorganization Project is a unit-by-unit effort where members are readjusting the amount of supplies in the Omnicells with the amount of items actually used. Tasks include comparing Omnicell usage with supply levels, returning excess items,Continue reading “Omnicell Efficiency Team Update”

Cost-Saving Ideas on Display at Efficiency Education Fair

Several cost-saving initiatives that will save Jackson Health System millions of dollars will be on display on Aug. 5th, 2010 during the Save Jackson/Jackson Saves Efficiency Fair hosted by the Joint Labor/Management Efficiency Task Force. The day-long event featured some of the innovative and exciting projects that are underway as employees work in conjunction withContinue reading “Cost-Saving Ideas on Display at Efficiency Education Fair”

Efficiency Fair at Jackson South

Jackson South held a very successful Joint Labor Management Efficiency Education Fair in the main lobby on September 29th. Over 200 employees attended the fair, enjoyed light refreshments and viewed efficiency displays on: cost awareness education, Omnicell inventory management efficiencies, reprocessing, remanufacturing, and recycling efficiencies, OR/Surgical efficiencies, pharmacy efficiencies, energy efficiencies, as well as severalContinue reading “Efficiency Fair at Jackson South”

Members Attend Jackson North Efficiencies Fair

Local 1991 members attend the Jackson North Efficiency Fair to learn more about cost-savings initiatives throughout our public hospital system. With booths set up about reprocessing and remanufacturing, preprocedure nurse checklists and printing efficiencies, Jackson employees learned ways to save Jackson thousands of dollars by making practical changes in the workplace. One example: the pre-procedureContinue reading “Members Attend Jackson North Efficiencies Fair”