Savings Found Through Pharmacy Efficiencies

Vanessa Miller, RPh

For the past few weeks, Local 1991 Executive Board member Vanessa Miller, RPh, has been tackling another cost-saving initiative at Jackson: Pharmacy Efficiencies.

Miller has been traveling floor-by-floor, specifically checking IV preparation solutions stocked at Jackson Main to see how many solutions are going unused and being wasted.

Most IV preparation solutions have a 24-hour stability period before they expire. Miller is communicating with nurses and managers to make sure pharmacists are receiving proper notification of discontinued medications so the pharmacy only supplies medications currently needed by patients.

She will also be analyzing Pyxis reports to identify improvements to medication inventory management.Data is being collected and analyzed to identify improvements to medication delivery.

“We are trying to establish savings by changing the way we care for patients everyday, Miller said. “This way, we are administering exactly what patients need and saving Jackson money.”

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