Members Urge Jackson’s Financial Recovery Board to Spare Employees During Public Budget Hearing

Jackson’s Financial Recovery Board (FRB) held its first ever public budget hearing on Monday, August 29th before unanimously voting to pass the budget proposed by CEO Carlos Migoya at the end of the hearing. But first, the FRB heard from our members who urged them to consider Jackson’s hardworking employees who have already sacrificed millions to save our public hospital.

Click on the video below to hear President Martha Baker, RN, address Financial Recovery Board members about  employees who have already given more than $106 million from their own paychecks while continuing to earn Jackson the distinction of South Florida’s #1 hospital. To read her comments in full, click here.

Several other members also spoke before the FRB. “Why do you think patients come to Jackson?” Dr. David Woolsey. MD,  asked the board. He gave them three options: A. an attractive facility B. competent management or C. Jackson’s world-renowned caregivers. Obviously, patients come to Jackson because of the third option, he said. “We really risk losing that. Please try to bring more focus on operations. If we drive caregivers away, we won’t be what we are now. Help us work to build a primary care system. Help us work to fix Jackson.”

Denise Glass, RN added. “We want to stay at Jackson. We take great pride to say we work there. I’d really like to see you make every effort to retain your staff. We are part of the miracles that come out of Jackson.”

Here are some other comments from members:

Don’t Lose Your Experienced Caregivers

Omayra Hernandez, RN, said Jackson must retain its more experienced caregivers. She said the hospital can’t afford to lose nurses in the Mental Health unit where she works because the proper training and skills are needed to treat Jackson’s patients in need.

“We want shared sacrifices”

Norberto Molina, RN, said, “I want to know where else the shared sacrifices are coming from besides labor. Who else in the community is supporting us?”

“Nurses Will Leave .. “

Sam Ruiz, RN, told CEO Carlos Migoya that his $120 million in proposed takeaways may drive caregivers away. “Are you aware that we are already working below market?” Ruiz asked. Ruiz said he loved Jackson and his proud to serve his patients, but his family is suffering financially.  Ruiz reminded Migoya that employees already took an 8% pay cut last year and Migoya is proposing employees give an additional 16 to 32% of their salaries. “I don’t think nurses can stay if this happens,” Ruiz said.