Efficiency Task Force Reports More Than $2 Million Saved So Far!

Millions of dollars in savings, innovative projects and system-wide educational programs were among the topics our union was proud to report on during a recent Efficiency Task Force presentation before the Financial Recovery Board.

After vetting hundreds of cost-savings ideas from our members and launching several projects, the Efficiency Task Force has generated more than $2.5 million in savings for Jackson!  Current projects underway could generate an additional $7 million! Also, more than 1,800 Jackson
employees have attended Efficiency Education Fairs throughout Jackson’s three campuses.

At the meeting, CEO Carlos Migoya and other Jackson administrators listened as President Martha Baker, RN, and Efficiency Task Force co-chair Kathryn Ewers, RN, gave a detailed report on the progress and cost savings of numerous initiatives launched since the task force was formed more than a year ago. Projects included Omnicell Reconfiguration, Eliminating Unnecessary Pre-operative, Pre-procedure Coagulation Testing, Stericycle Program and Medical Device Reprocessing and Remanufacturing.

Baker said that while the work of the Efficiency Task Force has yielded huge savings for Jackson, a proper system is lacking for many more efficiencies to be implemented.

Migoya praised the work of our task force. “As we go forward, I want to make sure this work is incorporated and implemented,” he said. “I’ve always said that I want to use the work of our employees to change Jackson, rather than use consultants. This really embraces that and I look forward to working together and supporting the Efficiency Task Force.”

Here are the estimated cost savings of each project:

  • Eliminating Unnecessary Pre-operative, Pre-procedure Coagulation
    Testing — Estimated savings of $400,000
  • Omnicell Reconfiguration — Estimated savings of $308,472
  • Stericycle Program — Savings of $202,610 between January and May 2011
  • Reprocessing and Remanufacturing—Annual Savings of $1,334,385, an
    increase of $144,308 from 2009

Thanks to all of our members who have been diligently working on our Efficiency Task Force projects! Our team has engaged Jackson’s employees in helping to create a sustainable Jackson and will continue to implement clinical and operational best practices for our hospital.

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