Management Turns Down Our Offer of Concessions and Declares Impasse

Despite our continued attempts to reach a fair agreement with Jackson management, the Public Health Trust on Tuesday  declared that our bargaining has reached an impasse.  Our initial offer of $36 million in employee concessions, plus our willingness to offer more as long as we can receive assurances that the money will be spent wisely, has been rejected.  Management has indicated that if they can’t take away benefits such as the guaranteed 40-hour work week—a concession that will NOT save any money for Jackson—then we don’t have a deal.  Our bargaining team continues to stand firm on protecting basic contract guarantees that are best for recruiting and retaining healthcare workers and are best for patient care.  We will not give in to a management team that is short-sighted and bottom-line driven and has no regard for the long term sustainability of Jackson. We will certainly not agree to any proposals that would contribute to the ripping apart of Jackson and the decline of quality patient care.

Now that management has declared impasse, a Special Magistrate will be selected to hear both sides.  The process calls for the Miami Dade County Board of Commissioners to eventually hear both sides and make a ruling that will settle the contract.  This process usually takes three to four months before a decision is made.  In the meantime, the contract can be reached if both sides come to agreement.

We will be holding a membership meeting and celebrating the holidays tonight, December 7th, at Jackson Main in DTC 259 at 9-11pm. Please come to hear the latest news.  We are scheduling meetings at Jackson South and Jackson North and will announce those details soon.

Our unity has never been more important as we stand united for the survival of our precious Jackson Health System.  We must all join together to do what we know is right for our patients and our community.  Please continue to stay informed, come to meetings and keep in touch with our staff, your bargaining team members and other union leaders.  Together, we will successfully get through this challenging time.   Thank you for your continued strength and support.

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