Local 1991 Wins Back PL Time for OR On-Call Nurses

SEIU Local 1991 scored a major victory in winning a class-action grievance for OR on-call nurses after management had violated a longstanding past practice for compensating nurses in the OR who were on-call. The union had filed a grievance and the issue was resolved on Monday, March 26th, with management recognizing the past practice. The settlement affected nurses who worked an on-call shift, with their next scheduled shift falling within 11.5 hours of their on-call shift. Their next shift is to be covered with AD time, not PL time.

If you are an OR on-call nurse and used PL time instead of AD time between January 1st, 2011 and April 14th 2012, please contact your union representative and we will inform you on how to proceed in getting your PL bank reimbursed.

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