Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act!

Today, the US Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act as fully constitutional, including expansion of care to 32 million Americans, a range of consumer protections from insurance company abuses, the creation of competitive marketplaces in states for individuals to purchase lower cost insurance, and quality of care improvements.

This landmark ruling will make a difference in the lives of the patients we serve every day at Jackson Health System. The decision today is vitally important for working people trapped in the toughest economic crisis in a generation.   It is a resounding victory for more than 100 million Americans of all political parties, ages, incomes and occupations who are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act.

As caregivers at one of the nation’s largest public hospitals, we see up-close the struggles the uninsured face. Today’s ruling is a huge step forward in repairing our country’s broken healthcare system.

About 10 percent more of Jackson patients will be covered by insurance under the ACA. It means that our children will have access to immunizations and wellness checkups and that insurance companies will not be able to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions like cancer or diabetes. It means someone living with breast cancer won’t have to spend her life savings in order to receive treatment. It means that we as healthcare providers can continue to provide the quality of care our patients deserve.

Thanks to all of you who have been fighting for this vital legislation to become a reality. Our next step must be to ensure that our patients, families, friends and neighbors are educated and aware of the healthcare benefits they are already entitled to and those that will be accessible over the course of the next two years.








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