THE MIAMI HERALD GETS IT WRONG!…Send a Letter to the Editor Today!

The Miami Herald wrote an outrageous and misleading editorial on Sunday calling our campaign to stop the privatization
of Jackson’s Emergency Room Services and Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center a
“red herring”  and…“hysterical” and… “just noise that does nothing to help those who need care.”
To read the full, Miami Herald editorial CLICK HERE!

Why is the newspaper pushing for a profit-driven company to take
over the services of Jackson’s ER?
That’s NOT the mission of our public hospital!


1.) Write a Letter to the Editor of The Miami Herald about why we must keep Jackson’s ER public! Send it to

2.) Contact members of the Financial Recovery Board and tell them:

Joe Arriola
Telephone: 305-934-6551

Marcos Jose Lapciuc
Telephone:  305-585-8625

Michael Bileca
Telephone:  305-274-2499

Stephen S. Nuell
Telephone:  305-441-1122

Joaquin del Cueto
Telephone:  305-494-4497

Mojdeh L. Khaghan
Telephone:  305-772-4444

Darryl K. Sharpton
Telephone:  305-374-1574

Carlos Migoya
Telephone: 305-585-6754


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