Fight for Accountability on 5% Press Conference

Let the Mayor Know We Want Our 5% Back!

For three years, the county has been taking 5% from its employees for their health coverage.

It was supposed to be a short-term solution to an economic crisis.

We’ve discovered that millions of that money has been stockpiled in a fund with no particular purpose.

Join a press conference with all the county unions to demand answers for what’s really happening with our 5%.

The Mayor and Commissioners need to see and hear lots of employees making noise!

Wear uniforms if possible. Bring friends, family and anyone who cares about this issue.

When: Tuesday, June 18 @ noon sharp

Where: County Hall (First Floor)

Stephen P. Clark Center

111 NW 1 Street

Miami FL 33128

 Group ride: A group will be riding over to County Hall on the Metrorail for those who prefer not to drive.

Meet at the Alamo at 11 a.m. or at the station (1501 NW 12 Avenue) at 11:15 a.m.

The fare will be covered.

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