Why Jackson’s Healthcare Professionals Support the Bond

cardfrontMembers of the unions at Jackson Health System support the bond referendum to modernize our public hospital.

The bond referendum, which will be put before voters on Nov. 5, would provide $830 million to update Jackson’s aging infrastructure.

The money would be used to:

Build a children’s ambulatory pavilion

Modernize operating rooms and emergency rooms at Jackson hospitals

Build urgent care centers that will bring Jackson’s high quality care to the neighborhoods

Upgrade hospital IT systems and purchase state of the art medical equipment

Build a new physical rehabilitation hospital

Clearly, with a public hospital as large and complex as ours, this bond is only one piece of the puzzle.

Our members continue to vigorously push for safe staffing and other quality measures needed to make our system world-class in every way.

Supporting the bond is one more way the nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals are fixing Jackson, from the inside out!

There are many volunteer opportunities available through Nov. 5.Please click here to sign up for activities. Want to know more about how the bond money will be used?Click here to read Jackson’s proposal: JacksonBondDetails