Celebrating 25 Years of Ryder Trauma

As part of Jackson Health System’s celebration of Ryder Trauma Center’s 25th anniversary, former and current members of the Ryder Trauma team Have been sharing their reflections on the trauma center’s important history, and the impact it has made on them and the South Florida community. In the 1980s, the trauma network in Miami-Dade CountyContinue reading “Celebrating 25 Years of Ryder Trauma”

Early Voting Picnic

On Monday, Oct. 21, Jackson employees will be sponsoring a lunchtime picnic and rally to urge people to get out and vote on important issues. Join us for food, music and more! After the picnic, members who are off duty will travel to the Stephen P. Clark Government Center to cast their ballots.

Jackson Speaks Out For Ryder

As a union, part of our job is to hold the feet of management to the fire on issues related to quality of care. But we never lose sight of the fact that we must also protect Jackson from external politics that can make that job of providing quality care much harder. For that reason, we have been supporting JHS in its bid to protect Ryder from changes in the trauma landscape that could adversely affect its public mission to provide world-class trauma care to the entire community.