Bargaining Session, 9-18-17

It was a busy bargaining session on Monday, September 18th.  Topping the agenda was a proposal presented by the Bargaining Committee that calls for improving the step compensation process.  The President of SEIU Local 1991, Martha Baker, RN, said the proposed changes will help ensure pay scales match the increasing demands and workloads of healthcare professionals.  In previous sessions, many of our members have done presentations about how market pressures suggest the need for pay scale increases.   Those job classes included PT,OT, Speech, Child Life, Music Therapist, Wound Care, all Social Workers, all Case Managers, ARNP’s, PA’s, Med Tech 1 & 2, Pharmacists, Educators, Nurse Managers, Associate Nurse Managers and Staff Nurses.   IT will be doing a presentation about their pay scales at the next bargaining session on Thursday.

Bargaining , 1, 9-18-17

Management reiterated their two top priorities which include altering the paid time off practices and limiting the insurance options.  While we were able to convince them to not change the pl and holiday practices, management is now looking towards savings associated with a reduction of cash out limits.  Management also talked about their insurance proposal which calls for eliminating the HMO High/Standard insurance option.  Many of you have been scheduled for a mandatory meeting to talk about HMO High.  We strongly encourage you to attend this educational meeting which will be led by Management and SEIU Local 1991.  If you have additional questions or concerns please contact your union representative or a member of the Bargaining team.

Remember, these are just proposals.  No changes will be made until you and your union brothers and sisters vote on a new contract.  There’s still time to make your voice heard.  We encourage you to attend the next bargaining session which is scheduled for Thursday, September 21st from 10am to 5pm at the SEIU Local 1991 office located at 1601 NW 8th Avenue, Miami, FL 33136