Bargaining Update, 9-25-17 Session

The bargaining session on Monday, September 25th, focused on wages.  The Bargaining Team offered a counter proposal to Management’s plan for targeted market adjustments.  While this proposal includes sizeable increases for some job classifications, it offers no pay hike to the vast majority of nurses and other members—an issue of great concern to your Bargaining Team.   “We thought the market adjustments were fair, but we need something for our core members too,” said Martha Baker, RN and President of SEIU Local 1991.

Bargaining 9-25-17


The Team asked Management to consider other options such as a bonus and the step increase plan the team originally proposed.  Your team is fighting hard to get everyone something so no one is left out.  Management is expected to give its response at the next bargaining session which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 3rd from 1pm to 5pm.

Bargaining 9-25-17, Mgmt and Barbara Scollon RN

Management continues to ask for concessions such as decreased limits to cash outs and to eliminate the HMO High/Standard insurance option.  No final decision on these or any other proposals have been made at this time.