COVID-19 Update: A message from President Martha Baker

I wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank every one of you for your hard work and dedication as we continue to work diligently to contain the COVID-19 virus and provide excellent care to our patients.


Our rep staff has been advised to limit their presence in clinical areas during this time of uncertainty regarding the virus so as not to become vectors. This does NOT mean that the Union is unavailable to you! Your reps can be reached both by phone and email. Additionally, our office is open during business hours (7:30-4:30p). As a hospital system and a union, we have always risen to the challenge of health crises facing our community.


Together, we will once again rise and work to ensure that all of the residents of Miami-Dade County are safe and receiving the best care possible.  Below is a list of the reps along with their email addresses and office phone numbers. Please reach out to your rep with any issues or concerns you have regarding COVID-19 or any other union related topics.
Mary Harvey, RN:, (786)520-4276
Juan Aragon:, (786)520-4279
Norman Herdocia:, (786)520-4271
Caitlin Maclaren, RN:, (786)520-4277
Maggie Walsh:, (786)520-4374
Lisa Ward, RN:, (786)520-4282
Esther Segura, RN:, (786)520-4282
Diane Poirier, RN:, (786)520-4275
Adam Schowalter:, (786)520-4274


In unity,
Martha Baker, RN
President, SEIU Local 1991
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