County Commissioners and the PHT Stand Strong With Jackson Employees

Thanks to the hard work of employees like you and the tireless efforts of SEIU 1991 President Martha Baker RN, the Miami-Dade County Commission made it clear that there will be no furloughs or forced PL usage for any Jackson employees! The County Commission along with leadership from the PHT including Chairman Joe Arriola came to the critical conclusion that Jackson must take an “all hands on deck” approach to dealing with this once in a lifetime COVID-19 crisis. We don’t know exactly how long this crisis will last or how many people it will ultimately affect, but we applaud the Commission and PHT leadership’s determination that when it comes to the COVID-19 crisis, all Jackson employees are vitally important members of the hospital team.

Watch Martha’s interview on Jim DeFede about potential furloughs.

This decision is not only a victory for employees who were faced with the economic uncertainty that comes with furloughs, but also for the community of Miami-Dade County. Jackson is the hospital of the people of Miami-Dade County and those residents should be confident knowing that Jackson will deploy every employee and resource it has to help get the community past this crisis. The County Commission and PHT leadership have made the proper decision and demonstrated why the residents of Miami-Dade County have placed their trust in these elected officials. We look forward to working as a Jackson team to rise to the challenge of defeating the COVID-19 virus.

Once again, thank you for all your hard work and dedication as this community is counting on you to keep us all as safe as possible. Stay strong and stay safe.