All of us here at Jackson have been on the frontlines of the global pandemic, fighting tirelessly for those who need us. We have stood by our community here in Miami-Dade, making sure every single resident gets the care they need.

Now, we need politicians in Tallahassee to stand by us.

We need to remind them that WE WILL NOT STAND for taking away our retirement benefits and making it harder for our nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals on the frontlines to come together to support one another through our Union. We need politicians in Tallahassee to LEAD and do the right thing. But, we need YOU to help make it happen.

CALL YOUR MIAMI-DADE SENATORS TODAY and tell them to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 84 and Senate Bill 1014.

Call ☎️ NOW
Senator Rodriguez @ 850-487-5039

Senator Diaz @ 850-487-5036

Senator Garcia @ 850-487-5037

Remind them that just as they needed us during the pandemic, we need them to stand by us now.


Hi, I’m ________ a nurse/doctor/healthcare professional at Jackson.

We’ve been on the frontlines of the global pandemic for a year, taking care of grandparents, mothers, fathers, children.

We have held the hands of the sick and dying. We’ve been there for our community, for every resident in Miami-Dade.

Now, we NEED YOU to be here for us.

Our livelihood is on the line. We can’t let our retirement benefits fade away, nor our right to organize. Every day we hear our elected leaders talk about attracting businesses to our state. But, taking care of your residents, the workers here in your backyard, is just as important.

We are asking you to VOTE AGAINST Senate Bills 84 & 1014 if you care about your frontline healthcare workers. Vote AGAINST Senate Bills 84 & 1014 and show your respect for your nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals.

Thank you for the time.

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