Working Together To Save Our Earth!

We save patients every day.  SEIU activists also work to save the earth.  Our labor management partnership is forging ahead with great momentum as the Climate Committee brings forth another successful endeavor.  Our very own Elizabeth Joseph, NE, Yahaira Colon, SLP, Caitlin Maclaren, CSN, Marlene Arzola, RTS, and Jude Pierre, CSN, have led the initiative to bring Stryker Sustainability Solutions and Jackson Health together for a staff awareness campaign.

In total 45 units at Jackson Memorial Hospital received education from Stryker personnel over the course of 5 days. The Climate Committee along with the staff from Stryker spoke with over 450 staff members about the great successes we accomplished in 2021; from planting over 345 trees to diverting over 27,000 lbs. of medical waste.  In addition, the Climate Committee has worked on limiting styrofoam use in the cafeteria, installing charging stations in the parking garage for electric cars, as well as hosting tree planting events. 

This is just the beginning as many more sustainable measures are set to take place thanks to the hard work and dedication from the members of our Climate Committee.  

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